A Happy Update and an Invitation


It’s been a long time
That’s because I was waiting for the perfect moment to send you an update and an invitation to prioritize your health and well being.


For the last nine years the focus of my work has been creativity and innovation training and consulting as well as stakeholder engagements. I do believe that developing creative thinking skills is a powerful tool. I have, however, always worried about the effect that creativity has when used for the wrong purpose. For instance, the invention of medical tools and procedures that allow specialists to perform open-heart surgery is an example of creativity put to good use. It has saved millions of lives worldwide. In contrast, the creation of 65 types of refined sugars that not only extend the shelf-life of a product but also increase the product’s addictiveness – therefore guaranteeing repeat sales – all for a low cost and a high profit margin, is an innovation that is clearly good for business but bad for people.

There are many innovations in the food industry (both in product development as well as marketing strategy) that are nothing but detrimental to our health. As a result, one of three Canadians are pre-diabetic or diabetic (including adolescents), one of two Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their life-time and doctors are now referring to Alzheimer’s and Dementia as Type III diabetes. 

By making some easy and transformative changes to my own eating habits, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my cognitive capacity and energy. My health and well being have taken a 180-degree change for the good! No more recurrent colds or menstrual cramps. I no longer depend on coffee for mental clarity, focus and concentration. I have as much energy as I had in my 20s, and most magically, I have regained the strength that enables me to lift my nine-year-old kid into the air (without ever going to the gym). For someone who has always struggled with time management, I now feel that I can do more with the same amount of time.  So I dug much deeper into the study of health, nutrition and behavioural sciences with the intention of sharing my knowledge with those of you who are ready to optimize your health, vitality and longevity.

Afterall, the healthier you are, the more positive impact you can have during your lifetime.

Within the last year, I have completed a certificate in Nutrition Sciences at Stanford University. I have upgraded my coaching skills with a certificate from the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching and WildFit Coaching. I’m sharing this knowledge through workshops, wholistic coaching and a free weekly newsletter.


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