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Janice Francisco

CEO, BridgePoint Effect

Janice Francisco is the CEO of BridgePoint Effect, a Canadian-based firm that helps managers and their teams solve the mystery of what it means to be innovative, and teaches them how to use creativity to get innovation done.

As a specialist in building innovation cultures in the government, non-profit and private sectors, Janice speaks internationally on applied creativity and innovation management. She is the inventor of the ThinkUP Innovation Framework, an integrated, agile and repeatable process applied in real work settings to achieve change and sustainable innovation.

Janice holds a Masters of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership, is the Chair of the Conference Board of Canada’s Council on Innovation and Commercialization, and a FourSight LLC Preferred Partner and Master Trainer.

Deborah Jann

Founder & Chief Experience Officer, Roll Out Innovation

As Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Roll Out Innovation, Deborah draws on 20+ years of experience in adult education, creative problem solving, sales & marketing, entrepreneurship and management consulting. She is a graduate of the Queen’s Innovation and Design Thinking Program and is recognized by the Creative Education Foundation as a Master Facilitator of Creative Problem Solving, innovation and team building.

A popular presenter, Deborah has spoken at the national conferences of the Municipal Innovators Community, Institute for Performance and Learning, Retail Council of Canada, Creative Problem Solving Institute, Mindcamp, The North West Company, Supply Chain Management Association (SCMA) and Women in Leadership and Business.

Robert Wakulat

Managing Director of Courage Co-Lab Inc. & Founding Law Partner at Wakulat Dhirani LLP

Robert is the Managing Director of Courage Co-Lab Inc., where he connects corporate partners to creative processes. He is a Founding Law Partner at Wakulat Dhirani LLP, a professional services firm embedded at the Centre for Social Innovation, where he focuses on supporting social entrepreneurs working to alleviate social or environmental challenges.

Robert is highly sought after to lead workshops on corporate law and enterprise structure across the GTA with community-based organizations, the Toronto Public Library and post-secondary institutions such as Ryerson University’s Social Innovation Zone. This includes recurring guest instructor roles with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Toronto Artscape’s Launchpad program for creative entrepreneurs.

Denise Pinto

Obsessive Community-Builder & Facilitator

Denise is the Creative Director of Courage Co-Lab Inc., where she oversees design strategy and facilitation. She is a board member for MABELLEarts, a community-based arts practice which transforms public spaces, and a volunteer for the StopGap Foundation, a charity focused on improving the accessibility of local communities all across Canada. Denise teaches Urban Studies at the University of Toronto, and frequently mentors students at the Institute Without Boundaries.

In 2016 she was named a Vital Person by the Toronto Foundation for her years of work as Executive Director of the international Jane’s Walk project, connecting neighbours face-to-face in 226 cities worldwide. In her spare time, Denise hosts events about placemaking and peacemaking.

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Ginny Santos Monkey Supervisor, Visionary and Managing Director. Ginny is a nutrition coach and entrepreneur who is always looking for ways of involving children in creative thinking and problem solving. You can learn more about Ginny’s other work on NeOle Coaching.