Upgrade your Life with a Personal Coach

I work with people who believe in their own potential but feel stuck in their current reality.

You are stuck because at least one of the following is true for you:

You don’t have clarity on what you want. You don’t have clear goals, or you are in the habit of thinking small and your current goals are not very inspiring to you.

You have lots of ideas, but you don’t take action on any of them. Or you have a tendency to run after every new idea you have, but you never quite reach the destination.

You are in the habit of thinking short-term. You are in survival mode and have a hard time imagining a life that is any different from what your life looks like today. Without a long-term vision for yourself — one that you believe is possible — you are stuck                    making decisions that bring you right back to where you are today.

You are a big thinker. You have big dreams for yourself but you are not sure how to make those dreams a reality.

You are afraid to make any changes. Your current reality is not so bad, but you know it could be better. You are just not sure what the right steps might be.

You know exactly what you want to be different down the road, but you are too busy to give your dreams any attention. And you can tell that the years are passing you by and that you will continue to be stuck in the same place unless you start making                          some small shifts.

You are not quite as healthy as you know you could be. You wish you had more energy so that you could live a fuller life.

You want to make a shift in your life but you feel like your circumstances are not quite right. Maybe you lack the support you need. Or maybe you’re waiting for the right time to come, but it never seems to arrive.

What to expect from your personal coach:

coaching a client on goals

Together, we’ll make your goals crystal clear and achievable so that you can’t help but move towards them. As one client put it: “Once I had clarity on my goals, everything else fell into place. It was like I was being pulled towards a different and better future.”

I will keep you accountable and moving forward steadily so that you can see the progress you are making and feel motivated to carry on.

Through our work, you will learn to identify and update your thinking habits (I call these your neuro pathways) so that you can keep the ones that are good for you and update the ones that get in the way of your growth and success.

I’ll show you how to tap into your own creative thinking potential so that you can overcome the challenges that get in your way. You will learn and practice creative thinking tools and scientific methodologies for problem-solving until they become second-nature. You will never feel stuck again because you will have all the tools and thinking skills you need to get yourself unstuck. This is what will help you persevere and remain resilient throughout your life so that you don’t need to depend on a coach every time things get derailed.

What to expect by the end of your coaching experience:

You won’t believe how far you’ve come and how empowered you feel now.

You’ve achieved things that you didn’t know were possible and now you’ve got your eye on even bigger dreams — and a road map for how to get to them on your own.

You always knew your life could be better but now you know what it actually feels like to live the life that you have chosen for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will a coach help me?

I will guide you through the process of clarifying your goals, distinguishing between real challenges and fears, overcoming the challenges, taking action despite your fears and developing the habits that will ensure your success. My promise is to give you all the guidance, tools and practices you need to succeed on your own, every time you wish to create change and every time you have new aspirations.

What types of things can a coach help me with?

Whether you want to be healthier or more impactful, you want to change careers or take a leap forward in your existing career, be a true role model to the kids in your life, attract the right person for a healthy relationship, create change in your personal life or even live a more conscious life instead of living your default life, I can help you upgrade your life.

Where do coaching sessions take place?

Our coaching sessions can take place in-person at our office (near Bloor & Ossington, Toronto) or by video conference. In-person is always better, but it all depends on what works best with your schedule.

How many sessions will I need?

Our Solution Focused approach is so effective that some clients only need 2 or 3 sessions . No commitment necessary. After each session you decide if you want to sign up for more.

Will I have to do “homework” in between sessions?

Together, we will agree on the number and type of tasks or action steps that will work best for you after each session. You will receive worksheets and relevant tools that are carefully selected for your unique self.

What’s so special about your approach to coaching?

Our coaching programs are personalized to match your unique thinking style and character strengths. Ginny will work with you directly, sharing her extensive knowledge from the Science of Creativity, Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Change Leadership, decision-making frameworks, and using validated research and tools such as Solution-Focused Dialogue, FourSight and Values in Action.

What if I want to hire a coach for my teenager or a young adult? Would I go to the first session with them?

The early years of adulthood are a great time in life for some coaching and unbiased guidance. If the young adult wants you to be present at the session, then you are very welcome to attend. But if you think your presence will impact your young one’s independent thinking, then it’s best that they come on their own.

Do you wish your life was headed in a different direction?

Are you unsure of what you want or what is even possible for you?

Are you worried about the passing of time and your lack of action?

If you don’t want to just vent about your situation. You actually want something to change. This is what we will help you do:

Get clarity on your priorities and long term vision.

Identify and work with your strengths.

Establish new habits and beliefs to replace the limiting habits and beliefs of the past.

Become proactive, self-motivated and accountable to yourself and others.

Develop your creative problem solving skills and resilience.

Develop strategies to overcome challenges and unexpected roadblocks.

Become a positive change champion.


You will discover a few things about your unique psychological and neurological make-up, including your FourSight preferences (which reveal how you tend to approach complex problems), your Fear Archetype, and your Play Personality (which reveals where you are most likely to be your authentic self, when you are most likely to take risks, and what you enjoy doing the most).

You will take away worksheets and exercises that you can re-use anytime you need to create a new shift.

You will learn creative thinking techniques and frameworks that you can apply immediately and re-apply within your professional or personal life, without the need for ongoing coaching.

After every session you will receive a summary document that highlights you stated goals, your strengths any next steps that you agreed to.

Ready to take the first step towards living your best life?

As they say, the best time to plant a new tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now!

It’s time to grow the best version of your life.

Gain clarity on what success looks like for you. Set the type of goals that you can be truly excited and inspired by.

Establish the habits that will move you towards success.

Set life-changing goals and take decisive action towards them.

Learn to overcome real challenges and to take action despite your fears.

Set life-changing goals and take decisive action towards them.

two people giving high fives

Book your first session! No long-term commitment expected.

Expected Investment: $267 for your first session plus $232 for any subsequent single-sessions.

Life Coaching for Young Adults (16 to 30 years old).

If you would like to give the gift of life coaching to a young adult who you love and care about, get in touch.  

About Your Coach

Ginny Santos doesn’t want you to be bored. In her work as a Change Creation and Strategic Coach, she often encounters people who are living a sub-optimal life but are so deep in it that they think there’s no other way. She LOVES working one-on-one with people to help you articulate what you really want, then show you how to create the change that will allow you to fulfil your potential — and actually enjoy the process.

Ginny combines her expertise in Change Leadership, Creative Problem Solving (CPS), Nutrition Science and Solution Focused Coaching to guide brilliant people towards personal success. Ginny is also the Chief Engagement Orchestrator (CEO) at NeOle Inc. where she designs and facilitates stakeholder engagement sessions with anywhere from 10 to 1000 participants. As an Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, Ginny also teaches creativity & entrepreneurship to MBA students.

A life-long learner, Ginny is dedicated to providing clients with the latest and most relevant knowledge from multiple disciplines, with most of her focus on behavioural sciences, neuroscience, positive psychology, and health sciences. Ginny has a B.A. in Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies and a Master’s of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership. She is certified in Creative Problem Solving, Solution-Focused Coaching, STORMZ facilitation & training, Productive Thinking, and FourSight and has a certificate in Nutrition Science from Stanford University’s Center for Health Education. 

Originally from Spain, Ginny is an entrepreneurial mother, a soccer coach, a digital geek and an enthusiastic dancer in her kitchen. At parties and social events, she’s the quiet person in the corner — but when it comes to one-on-one coaching she’s jumping out of her front-row-seat, cheering your journey to success.

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