For your next ideation session with stakeholders, choose a Collaborative Consultation.

The collaborative consultation is an alternative to surveys, focus groups, round tables or meetings to invite input and feedback from a wide constituency of people. Whether done online or in-person, a collaborative consultation is the best way of engaging people in creative problem solving and collaborative thinking.

About Collaborative Consultations

In a collaborative consultation, your stakeholders will contribute the most meaningful, diverse and efficient input in the shortest amount of time. Through a combination of skilled facilitation and real-time technology, participants contribute rich insights, feedback, knowledge and analysis, resulting in a rich and actionable report delivered within 24 hours of the consultation.

Benefits of Collaborative Consultations:

  • Get immediate results. A detailed “as said” report is delivered to you within 24 hours of the collaborative consultation.
  • Inspires a balance of creative and critical thinking.
  • Your constituents will have an enjoyable experience at the same time as they give you their best thinking.
  • Participants build on each other’s ideas, feeding off of the group’s energy and enthusiasm
  • Get diverse and creative thinking as opposed to just one’s first set of ideas or reactions (what you typically get from surveys).
  • Avoid “group think” by encouraging creative thinking and outside-of-the-box contributions.

“Ginny was able to demonstrate the Stormz platform on our Community of Practice with easy and taught us the basics in 15 minutes. The participants were able to experience hands on the steps and see the results right before their eyes. This platform will help many organizations and individuals to deepen their engagement efforts with in their communities, cities and regions. I look forward to testing out the platform and will put it in my toolbox of great engagement tools.”

– Heather Keam, Manager of Cities, Tamarack Institute

Why Collaborative Consultations?

People often say “nothing beats a face to face consultation”. We disagree and here’s why:

  • A live online collaborative consultation through video conferencing results in the same or better level of engagement as a half-day meeting or a full-day event.
  • When you know how to combine engaging facilitation strategies with video conferencing and with collaboration tools, you tap into people’s best thinking while creating an enjoyable experience for each participant.
  • Not only will they enjoy the experience, you will save time and money by eliminating such expenses as travel, venue rental and meals.
  • You are guaranteed to receive much more genuine, creative and diverse input than you would ever get from an online survey or a traditional consultative event.

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