What will people remember about your next event?

Boring vs engaging
Will it be the opportunity to have productive conversations?
The chance to expand their knowledge?
The ability to find novel solutions to problems?
Or will they remember…the boring panel presentations?

Imagine an event where…

Everyone is buzzing, inspired and eager to get back to work and implement some shifts.

Everybody leaves feeling glad they attended, knowing that they contributed in a very meaningful and productive way.

A rich report was produced automatically, full of participant insights, contributions and commitments to next steps.

If you are ready for true engagement, interactivity and productivity, let us elevate your whole event experience.

At NeOlé, we work with managers, directors, leaders and event organizers who want their next annual meeting, strategic planning session, or other big event to be the most memorable, engaging and effective yet.

You want participants to be truly engaged in collaborating. Maybe you even want the event to spark a positive shift within the company or within your whole industry, or you want employees to contribute to strategic planning. And you want everyone to feel like their time was put to good use.

You’re not sure where to start or you don’t want to have to do it by yourself.

We’d love to help!

Interested in engaging all attendees in collaborating at your next annual meeting or event? Pick our brain during a free consultation.

Which type of event would you rather host?

You remember that feeling of looking out over the audience at last year’s event. A third of them were glazed over. A third of them were secretly peeking at their phones. And worse, a third of them were just empty chairs because many people didn’t even bother to come.
You spent a huge budget on getting everyone there, but the impact of the event was barely noticeable.
You bring people together because you want to see results. You want real outcomes, perhaps even a shift, but you also want it to be fun. You know that the room will be filled with brilliant people, all eager to contribute.
Entertaining people is one thing. The real challenge is how to truly engage them.
You need to move away from top-down seminars and conferences dominated by presentations, keynotes, and conversations. You need to plan events that harness the level of diversity, knowledge, opinions and experience that’s in the whole room, not just from those on stage.
Are you ready to make top-down seminars a thing of the past?

Case Studies

How we engaged 30 executives from various companies and sectors in collaborating towards a common goal.

How we used digital facilitation to enable simultaneous collaboration at an annual meeting with 360 employees.
How we engaged 70 stakeholders in creative problem solving to bridge the digital education and skills divide.
What People Are Saying About Our Digital Facilitation Services
"NeOlé facilitated our annual Operational Planning Retreat and what we liked most was that we got real time results, with the collection of input from 250 attendees with various perspectives. We were able to reach our outcomes much faster. In today’s world, being able to collect the input and ideas of those on your team will help any organization attain their goals in a much more effective, efficient and meaningful manner." - Jessica Luh Kim, Director, Schlegel Villages
What People Are Saying About Our Digital Facilitation Services
"I recently participated in an all-day workshop facilitated by NeOlé and it was a fantastic experience. The [Stormz digital facilitation] tool can assist large groups to converge on ideas and help the decision-making process move forward and save time." - David Santi Dean, Engineering Technology at Mohawk College
What People Are Saying About Our Digital Facilitation Services
"Ginny was a fantastic facilitator. She utilized technology to solicit input from participants that was both creative and organic. Ginny was responsive to the energy of the team and found opportunities to delve deeper or keep moving, as need! I would highly recommend Ginny for team building activities, development of strategic vision and work plan development. She is very collaborative and responsive. We look forward to working with her in the near future!" - Rubaiyat Karim Manager, Community Investments at United Way Greater Toronto
What People Are Saying About Our Digital Facilitation Services
“NeOle's virtual facilitation services were an eye-opening experience for our globally-dispersed organization. The level of engagement and productive work that we accomplished rapidly turned skeptics into rabid fans, which is why we continue to hire NeOlé.” - Vice President of a global company with headquarters in New York

Is your next meeting an online event?

No problem, we also facilitate engagement in online or virtual events.

Ready to elevate your next event?
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