Neolé provides end-to-end meeting and event services that put people first.


What if you didn’t have to stress about
your next meeting or event?

Neolé provides comprehensive design, planning, production, technical support, and facilitation services for virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings and events, including:

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Virtual, hybrid or in-person, our experienced and creative facilitators and event architects will fine-tune your agenda for participation, collaboration and engagement using a unique combination of facilitation and digital tools to meet your goals and objectives. We’ll design and facilitate a process that taps into everyone’s knowledge and experience, harnessing the brilliance of every participant.

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Meeting Management & Production

Neolé stays on top of the latest virtual and hybrid meeting technology so you don’t have to! We provide hybrid meeting coordination, digital platform integration, and friendly tech support. Our in-house graphic designers and video editors bring extra production value to your event. We also provide secure registration, expert project management, speaker and participant on-boarding and much more.

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Training & Development

Neolé offers experiential workshops, in-person and online, for companies that want engaged and empowered employees. Our specialty is facilitating and teaching creative problem solving and collaboration, with a focus on developing an innovation mindset and skill set in leaders and teams. Choose from our out-of-the-box experiential workshops or let us custom-design a workshop for your team. Got an idea for a course? We also help content experts turn their training into engaging and interactive online workshops.

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Better Together

Harness the brilliance of every participant through our leading edge approach to meeting design and facilitation. Whether meeting virtually or in person, you are bigger than the sum of your parts.

Technology Forward

We maximize user-friendly technology for engagement and collaboration, ensuring that your meetings and events are highly productive, enjoyable, and stress-free.


By staying a step ahead of industry norms, we set new trends in meeting design and facilitation.

Human Connection

By putting participants first, we create space for authentic interactions, deep conversations and real human connection, whether we are facilitating virtually or in-person.


We incorporate technology and facilitation techniques that level the playing field for everyone.

Neolé creates custom solutions for forward-thinking leaders who want outstanding results from virtual, hybrid or in-person meetings and events. 

We take your meetings from meh to wow.

We’ll also take your anxiety level down a notch.

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