Digital facilitation increases engagement, productivity and smiley faces.

NeOlé designs and facilitates in-person and virtual meetings with anywhere from 8 to 800 participants, where people, technology and creativity come together to make collaboration easy, effective and empowering.

Expert digital facilitation of in-person meetings and events of 8 to 800 participants using interactive technology to drive collaboration.

​Interactive activities that complement keynotes and panel discussions and keep people 100% engaged in the topic.

Virtual meetings where everyone can contribute ideas, knowledge and opinions in real time with immediate results.

Case Study: How we used digital facilitation to engage 30 executive leaders from various sectors in strategic planning.

"Ginny was a fantastic facilitator. She utilized technology to solicit input from participants that was both creative and organic. Ginny was responsive to the energy of the team and found opportunities to delve deeper or keep moving, as needed! I would highly recommend Ginny for team building activities, development of strategic vision and work plan development. She is very collaborative and responsive. We look forward to working with Ginny and NeOlé again in the near future!"

- Rubaiyat Karim, Manager, Community Investments, United Way Greater Toronto

Case Study: Through digital facilitation, NeOlé engages a diverse group of 70  stakeholders in interactive discussions on bridging the digital and skills divide.

Learn how we used digital facilitation at the Schlegel Villages Operational Meeting to enable the simultaneous collaboration of 360 team members.

We use Stormz digital facilitation technology to increase collaboration for
in-person and virtual meetings.

With a NeOlé digital facilitator, you will:

Tap into the collective intelligence of your team by engaging their creative thinking.

Generate greater impact and results in a concentrated time.

Leave behind the sticky notes and bring in interactive technology.

Receive a complete meeting report within 12 hours.

Empower your team to contribute their best thinking and, dare we say, have fun.

See what digital facilitation could look like in your meeting:

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Do you want to engage people in creative and critical thinking?
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