Online Course Development

Working in collaboration with you—the content expert—we envision, design and produce creative and engaging online courses.

NeOlé works with mission-driven companies, entrepreneurs and authors to turn their content and expertise into engaging online courses.

NeOlé's Approach to Online Course Development

Working in collaboration with you—the content expert—we envision, design and produce creative and engaging online learning. We are learning experts; we’ll match the tools and technologies to your needs and create the best online learning experience for your audience.
We’ll design an online course where:

  • Learning takes place in small increments over an extended period of time. This guarantees that the learning will stick and that every new skill can be practiced in real time.
  • A mix of media and experiences ensures that learners are never bored and always engaged and challenged.
  • Learning has a social component. People learn by talking about what they are learning just as much as they learn by putting theory into practice. With online learning, you can engage learners in both the social learning and the learning by doing.

“The expertise that Ginny Santos from NeOlé offers around the design and creation of online courses is indispensable.

She has a clear vision and can translate course content into engaging scripts, activities and forum engagement. Her skill for shaping and editing content makes the task of online course creation effective and accessible.

Ginny’s wonderful collaborative style of working with her clients makes the process far less stressful. We couldn’t have done this without her!”

– Ismet Mannoon, Founder of Beyonder, Parenting Up Course

5 Reasons to Develop Your Online Course with NeOlé

  1. We do all the techie work; no programming required.
  2. No need to learn about instructional design and content development.
  3. Free up your time to focus on your business and other endeavours. We do the research, write course content, and deal with the technology.
  4. Tap into the developer’s creativity rather than going it alone. We have the creative expertise and understand innovation.
  5. We are technology agnostic; we are up-to-date with the latest technology, and we will recommend the learning platform that’s best for your context and budget.

“Ginny is wonderful to partner with. She is smart, a super-fast and curious learner, supportive and creative collaborator, and has an unparalleled can-do attitude. Teaching and developing courses is what Ginny is meant to do. Everything feels possible working with Ginny!”

– Samantha Hurwitz, CEO of FlipSkills/FliPU

Accelerated learning takes place when each learner is actively engaged,
when learning is social, and when theory can be immediately applied
to real situations.

These goals are best achieved in online courses designed by
professionals like NeOlé.

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