When it comes to training and development, it’s one thing to participate in training; it’s quite another to make sure the learning sticks.

Training Options for Leaders and their Teams

We work with you to design and deliver courses in a manner that ensures they make a difference in the short term as well as in the long term.

Step 1: Choose a Format.

    • Half-day training: in person or online (10 to 30 participants)
    • Full-day training: in person or online (10 to 30 participants)
    • Blended training: a mix of in-person and online (10 to 30 participants)
    • Conference Workshop or Plenary Session (30 to 100s of participants)

Step 2: Choose a Focus.

All our courses can be tailored to meet your team’s unique needs and context. Tell us what combination of thinking skills, habits and behaviours you would like your team to develop and we’ll recommend a course. Here are some popular options. Click on the links for a description of the course content and benefits to learners.

Step 3: Choose How to Make the Learning Stick.

Add one or more of the following:
    • A pre-training online exercise to establish learning goals and build commitment
    • Co-create an implementation and accountability plan with all participants
    • Post-training online meet-ups with instructor to access support and remain accountable to putting the learning into practice
    • One-on-one coaching

Step 4: Get in touch by EMAIL or schedule a call with us here.


Download our handy course listing.

“I loved the use of the interactive technology for real-time engagement. And the facilitators were wonderful, intuitive and intelligent. They were skilled in managing the group’s ebbs and flows and adjust accordingly.”
– Participant in a 3-day training on Leading Innovation

Training Delivered Online

Online Training from FlipU
NeOlé co-founded FliP University to bring you innovative online learning that gets teams into a groove faster, supports change big or small, and helps your organizational culture evolve. Contact us, tell us about your team’s goals and aspirations, and we’ll take it from there!

The SII Challenge

The Social Innovation and Intrapreneurship (SII) Challenge is an employee development and engagement program that challenges participants to develop their creativity and creative problem solving skills, and experiment with being a social innovator or intrapreneur.

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