Creative Problem-Solving Skills & Tools

Develop your creativity and thinking skills. Acquire the structured process and tools that increase your ability to engage in solving complex problems.

Complex problem solving, creative thinking, critical thinking and collaboration have all been identified as key 21st Century skills. However, the education system has failed at preparing employees to exercise these skills in the workplace.

In this course, team members will develop their thinking skills and creativity, and acquire the structured process and tools that increase their ability to engage in solving complex problems. This course includes the Creative Problem-Solving Tool Deck.


  • Learn creative problem-solving skills and tools that can be used to address everyday challenges as well as complex problems
  • Solve any problem and capitalize on opportunities by applying a repeatable process.
  • Develop the ability to identify the type of thinking most needed for each challenge. Do you need information and expertise or ideas and new options? Or, do you need to test potential solutions?
  • Create an environment that’s conducive to the whole team engaging in problem solving and innovative thinking.

All of our courses are customizable to meet your team’s unique needs and context. Get in touch to tell us what combination of skills, habits and behaviours you would like your team to develop.

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