Stormz Certification for
Meeting and Event Facilitators

If you want to learn to use the proprietary Stormz technology to engage meeting participants in strategic planning, idea generation, creative problem solving, design thinking, focus groups, collaborative feedback and collaborative decision making, book a 15 min call to explore your training options.


This training is designed for professional facilitators who are ready to incorporate the best digital facilitation tool into their practice. We know it is the best because we understand that good facilitators need to be flexible, agile and in tune with the meeting participants. The Stormz platform* allows you and your participants to:

Continue to use any proven process or facilitation method (i.e.: Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking, SixSigma, Creative Problem Solving, Six Thinking Hats, Lego Serious Play, etc.)

Instantly share ideas across the room, in a conference hall or over video conference meetings

Facilitate decision-making in real time, with graphs and charts, with 8 to 800 participants in a single room—or across the Web

Grab online or smartphone visuals to showcase a prototype or expand ideas

Use a simple method of eliminating bias during evaluation

Design your own meeting templates (just like you have a template for your powerpoint presentations, you can have templates for your meeting facilitations)        

Generate instant reports: Never again transcribe another sticky note or flip chart

Additional Benefits

  • Be confident designing and facilitating small and large engagement sessions using Stormz Technology
  • Be able to blend digital and analog facilitation tools
  • Understand best practices for online synchronous and asynchronous facilitation
  • By the end of the training period you will be able to join the official Directory of International Stormz facilitators

How it works:

This training is available in the form of one-on-one (or small group) coaching. 

Get in touch to schedule your hands-on learning sessions now. 

Training can be done in-person or by video conference. Both approaches are just as effective as long as you do your practice homework in between sessions.

You can expect to dedicate between 7 and 20 hours to mastering the Stormz Application (depending on your comfort level with technology).

NeOle Inc is the one and only Key Local Partner (KLP) certified by Stormz in Canada. We have been using Stormz since 2015 to design and facilitate in-person and virtual meetings of 8 to 800 people, using the technology to gather input, generate ideas and facilitate truly engaging and empowering collaboration. At the end of each of these dynamic Stormz-enabled sessions, the content generated by participants is transformed into a highly actionable report that is delivered within 24 hours of the event. NeOle also uses Stormz to add interactive and collaborative elements to e-learning and to facilitate collaboration within live learning environments.

As the only Stormz Certified KLP in Canada, we are currently the only ones qualified to train and certify new Stormz facilitators.

Expected investment: $4200 for an individual or $7000 for a cohort of five or less trainees.

* Once you are ready to facilitate a real meeting using Stormz, the standard Stormz fees will apply.

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