Team Building Retreats

Neolé custom-designs team building retreats and activities for organizations that care about team wellbeing.

Why Your Team Needs a Team Building Retreat

Connection is one of the most important areas of wellbeing and one of the biggest challenges for leaders of remote and hybrid teams. Meaningful team connections call for more than a pizza party and slide show. Without it, we risk staff feeling isolated, lonely, and disconnected.

After more than two years apart, it’s time to reconnect with your team and get to know team members who joined during the pandemic.

A team building retreat is time set aside to do productive work together as a team, have exciting adventures, get to know each other, rejuvenate and enhance wellbeing, celebrate your achievements, and create a shared story that your team will talk about for months to come.

Where Would Your Team Go To For a Retreat

Time spent together is valuable regardless of the format. Team building retreats can be anything from a half-day virtual or hybrid workshop to a week-long, in-person retreat in a stimulating and rejuvenating locale. Let’s talk about the best format for you and your team.

What Neolé Can Do for Your Team Building Retreat

Working with Neolé means we take care of everything, so that YOU can be with your team and reap the benefits of a meaningful retreat! Your dedicated retreat manager, facilitators and logistics team will:

    1. Customize an engaging retreat format, agenda and workshops that meet the needs of your team

    2. Take care of all of the logistics:

      1. In-person: Venue selection and coordination, full-service logistics including travel, accommodation, meals, A/V coordination, and plan and execute social events and fun activities, on-site support, and much more.

      2. Virtual: Platform selection, technical run-throughs and support

3. Facilitate deep-work sessions and lead sessions designed to connect and rejuvenate your team. This may include training and workshops, co-design and strategic planning sessions, team bonding and wellbeing activities, and much more. We will work with you to design the most impactful retreat for your unique team!

4. Do all the things you don’t have time for, like find speakers, create spectacular audiovisuals, make cool swag bags, record and edit videos, and the many details that go into making the best team building retreat ever.

Activities for Your Team Building Retreat:

The best Team Building Retreats anchor one or two core activities (depending on the format and length of the retreat). We will work with you to identify activities that best support your goals, and customize an engaging retreat that meets those objectives. For some teams, you just need to be together and activities should focus on processing the past, trust-building and shared learning; for other teams, there is co-design work that’s a priority. Here are a few activities that we offer:

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get new resources, tips, and invitations to our free events focused on maximizing wellness, creativity and engagement in hybrid and remote workplaces.

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