Innovative Team Building Workshops and Training

All team building workshops and courses are offered as a half-day or full-day training. They can be delivered in-person, online, or as a blended (partly in-person and partly online) training.

Engaging Employees in Innovation

If your organization is committed to innovation but few people really know what it means or how to put it into practice, this course is for you! In many organizations, innovation is seen as an exclusive activity, the domain of leaders who bring innovation to their staff by inviting them to the innovation lab and other one-time activities. However, if your goal is to foster innovation across the organization, then you need to create a culture of innovation and ensure that all team members, from the grassroots on up, have the right skills and tools to allow them to be engaged in innovation every day.
In this course we will get to the real meaning of innovation and how to engage your team in innovative practices. We’ll discuss the importance and value of an organizational culture of innovation, where intrapreneurship is supported, where people are encouraged to be agile and resilient and to engage in creative problem solving within their roles and as part of their staff development plan.


  • Foster a shared understanding of innovation in your organization and each person’s role and responsibility to innovate within their context,
  • Know how to create and contribute to a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Assess the skills and tools required to be innovative
  • Recognize the value of creative problem solving across departments
  • Know how to guide others in applying creative problem solving process and tools
  • Learn to identify problems and opportunities that require innovation and creative problem solving

The Innovative Team Mindset

Humans are natural innovators, but we don’t always reach our full potential or even give our best in a team setting. Every day we solve new problems, meet new challenges and pursue new opportunities. To do that, we tap our creativity—our own unique blend of vision and curiosity, realism and imagination, analysis and action. When we do this with a team the results can be exponential, but team innovation requires self-awareness, collaboration skills and the right tools for the right challenge.
In this course you will develop the self-awareness of your team’s psychological diversity and the thinking skills to step up your ability to innovate with your team. This course includes the FourSight self-assessment and Team Report.


  • Gain self-awareness into how each team member approaches challenges and how to step up your ability to collaborate as a team
  • Improve team dynamics when working under stress—prevent conflict
  • Develop trust and respect on teams
  • Deliberately enhance individual and collective creativity
  • Leverage the team’s psychological differences in the approach to problem solving
  • Increase the innovation potential of your team

Creative Problem Solving Skills & Tools

Complex problem solving, creative and critical thinking, and collaboration have all been identified as key 21st Century skills. However, the education system has failed at preparing employees to exercise these skills in the workplace. In this course, team members will develop personal thinking skills and acquire the structured process and tools that increase their ability to engage in complex problem solving. This course includes the Creative Problem Solving Tool Deck


  • Learn creative problem-solving skills and tools that can be used to address every day challenges
  • Apply a repeatable process to solving any problem and to capitalize on opportunities
  • Create an environment that’s conducive to the whole team engaging in problem solving and innovative thinking.

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