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Neolé offers experiential workshops for companies that want empowered and engaged employees. Our suite of training options, facilitated by our own team of professionals, gives people the tools, technology and skills to excel as creative thinkers, collaborative leaders and problem solvers.

Our training can be delivered

virtually, in-person or a hybrid of the two.

Training can be structured to meet your unique needs from 2-hour training sessions to 3-day retreats. Whatever the format, we ensure participation, engagement and success!


The Innovative Team Mindset

Participants will learn about their own thinking style and become aware of their team’s psychological diversity. The training will help participants from your organization develop the thinking skills necessary to innovate and collaborate as creative problem-solvers. This course includes the FourSight self-assessment and Team Report.

Creative Problem Solving Skills & Tools

Participants will learn how to apply a structured process for solving complex problems in their organization. They will be coached to effectively utilize innovative creative thinking strategies and tools. This course includes the Creative Problem-Solving Tool Deck.

Nutrition for Optimal Brain Performance

Whether your employees are young or nearing retirement, their eating habits have a direct impact on their ability to maintain their focus, perform under stress, make smart decisions, avoid sick days and maintain high energy and a good mood throughout the workday, all without the need for supplements or excessive caffeine. This training helps people make conscious choices to improve their eating habits and optimize their cognitIve performance.



What to expect when you book a free consultation.
We customize our workshops to your unique situation and the needs of your team and organization. During the free consultation, we will ask you about your organization and team, and your best hopes for the type of transformation your team would benefit from.

Stay up-to-date on the latest virtual and hybrid meeting trends, and get tips for designing and facilitating engaging and productive meetings.

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