3-Day Customer Relationship Building


The concept, structure and content for this workshop were developed by our client. During the workshop, participants journey through a 3-day experience that focuses on building empathetic relationships with customers. Working in teams, participants learn research techniques and how to build empathy for the customer experience. Teams engage with a variety of customers through three rounds of interviews and debrief to share insights gleaned from the customer interviews. They then work together to look for opportunities and brainstorm ways that their company can solve for these opportunities At the end of the workshop, the group is brought together to present their insights and solutions surrounding the various “Opportunity Areas.”


Neolé’s role in this workshop was to reimagine the set-up from the original platform to the Stormz digital collaboration platform. First, we met with the client to ascertain the goals of the workshop and understand the workshop’s flow. Our goal was to improve upon the functionality and ease-of-use the client experienced with the original platform, while also exploring new opportunities offered by Stormz. Once the workshop was built in Stormz, we did run-throughs with the workshop facilitators to train them in the Stormz platform and show them how their workshop operated within it.


The workshop has now been held twice using Stormz. For each occurence of this workshop, we coordinate with a third-party company that provides up to thirty customer profiles for the workshop, including photos, text, videos and links to external websites. We then take the customer profile information and create unique profiles in Stormz for each customer, which workshop participants review prior to interviewing customers. We created a workflow to make the process of information sharing easier and more efficient for all future workshops.

Going forward, Neolé continues to support this client with customer profile set-ups for each workshop, advice on the workshop content and flow, technical support on Zoom during the workshop, and assistance in Stormz. We also provide detailed reports on each workshop and the insights gained, plus edited videos of team share outs, to help our client use the information from the workshop in meaningful ways.


As a result of our work on the original translation of the workshop, the client has requested Neolé’s onging support with repeat workshops. In addition, Neolé supported the development and implementation of a new workshop that presented the opportunities and solutions generated in the previous workshops to leadership team members, who then worked in teams to brainstorm ideas on how to meet the “Opportunity Areas.” This workshop, which was held twice, helped leadership gain even further insight into the customer experience.


Up to 10 small teams, coming together into 5 larger teams for presentations

Up to 30 customers interviewed per session

The teams collectively came up with over 480 Insights based on customer interviews

Identified over 25 Opportunity Areas for consideration

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