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Bring everyone together for a corporate retreat that’s fun AND productive. A retreat planned by Neolé will leave your hybrid team feeling engaged, connected and excited to get back to work.

You know your hybrid team deserves a retreat that will leave them feeling refreshed and reconnected - but planning a retreat can be time-consuming and expensive.

So make it count!

In less than five minutes find out Your #1 Retreat Planning Mistake and get a complete report on what to do next.

Your Team Loves the Flexibility of Hybrid Work

You and your amazing team have successfully transitioned to a new era of work. Wellbeing and productivity have improved, and everyone is enjoying the flexibility

…but you find that leading a remote or hybrid team still has its challenges.

Building relationships and fostering a sense of team cohesion can be difficult when not everyone is in the same office – particularly for new hires. The team has experienced so much uncertainty, and the change continues as your organization grapples with how to return to the office (if at all!).

The bottom line? Your workplace culture is suffering.

Yes, your team is incredible…but the red flags are hard to ignore. Problems with communication, collaboration, and engagement continue to surface — which can threaten the wellbeing and performance of your hybrid team.

What if...

What if you could address these issues by bringing your team together for a transformative corporate retreat?

What if with just one to three days, you could improve team relationships and create a lasting impact on your workplace culture?

What if the retreat experience was fun and memorable, strengthened relationships and gave your team renewed energy and momentum long after the retreat is over?

At Neolé, we understand that a corporate retreat should be more than just time off from work.

With 75+ years of combined experience in organizing events (and a CEO with a Master of Science in Creativity and Change Leadership!), we design retreats that are customized to your needs and provide long-term value. Our retreats bring team members together, boost connection and engagement, and leave everyone feeling excited to return to work.

Neolé exceeded our expectations. The workshop helped open our eyes to innovation and the areas that we can strengthen as a team to help our corporate culture to be more innovative. We were very pleased at how organized and seamless the facilitation was with participating as large groups as well as entering break-out rooms. It was very engaging and helped us connect. Our team was lacking connection because of COVID. This was the first time that we engaged with each other in a meaningful way. We felt connected and it felt good.

– T. Martin, Director of Human Resources. Town of Penetanguishene

What You Get with Neolé

Customized corporate retreat design based on your long-term goals and objectives

We get crystal clear on what you need and want from a retreat. We work with you to identify the challenges you face as a remote or hybrid team and to clarify your vision for the team and organization. Then, we custom-design a creative retreat program that moves your team in the right direction while being so engaging that no one wants to miss a thing!

A stress-free, all-inclusive experience

Our expert planners take care of everything so you don’t have to! We design the program, source workshops and guest speakers and manage logistics. We also take care of registration, accommodations, meals, special celebrations, tours, travel and more, freeing up your time and team resources.

The perfect setting

Working with our partners, we recommend an amazing location and venue that delivers the optimum experience for you and your team while staying within your budget.

The Dream Team

Your search is over! Neolé’s facilitators, leadership coaches, speakers, project managers, travel experts, experience designers and event production specialists will make sure your retreat is THE one that everyone raves about for months and years to come.

What You'll Get That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

Team Wellness Workshop

Neolé’s team development options

Our in-house, expert facilitators offer customizable workshops, including team charter development; innovative mindset exercises; collaboration optimization; how to think smarter as individuals and as a group; diversity, equity and inclusion workshops; and other exciting experiences that will challenge your team and strengthen relationships.

A focus on wellbeing

Your team will learn practices and habits that they can do individually and as a team to feel happier, healthier, and more connected to their work and one another, resulting in greater productivity and retention for your organization.

Long-term impact

A Neolé retreat leaves your team rejuvenated, reconnected and happy, equipped and excited to contribute their best selves back at work.

Ready to get started?
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“Thank you for leading AWCBC through the strategic planning session this week. The format worked well, and your facilitation was excellent. I received many positive comments about Neolé from our Board Members. Looking forward to continuing the planning with you!”

– Cheryl Tucker, CEO, AWCBC

How we work with you:

We Get to Know You

We specialize in tailoring team retreats to meet your organization’s specific needs and goals. For example, we can conduct confidential interviews with a representative sample of your team to gain insight into their values, aspirations, and perspectives on current team dynamics. This ensures that your retreat is uniquely designed to address the concerns and objectives of your team.

We Present the Proposal

The customized proposal includes an outline of your objectives, a scope of services to be provided, a detailed approach, your location and venue requirements, a work plan and budget. We want to start our relationship off on the right foot with no surprises!

We Research & Make Recommendations

After approval of the proposal, we suggest locations and venues within your budget. We present options for workshops, activities and experiences, ideas for special celebrations and more. You can be assured that your retreat will tick all the boxes while staying within your budget. 

We Design Your Unique Corporate Retreat

We put it all together with a comprehensive and creative retreat program complete with suggested workshops, facilitators, speakers and entertainment. Your retreat will reflect your team’s requirements and personality, and be designed to meet your unique goals.

You Relax

We lift the stress from your shoulders by taking care of planning and logistics, including arrangements with the venue and vendors, registration, travel and accommodations, detailed planning for workshops, activities, tours and celebrations.

We Communicate

Taking into account your schedule, we offer regular planning meetings, transparent project management, budget updates and progress reports. No surprises! You’ll know what to expect every step of the way.

On-site Support

Our team will be on-site ahead of your retreat to make sure everything is ready for your arrival. We’ll be there to welcome you and manage all the logistics throughout. You and ALL of your team will be able to relax, enjoy and get the most out of this enjoyable and productive retreat.

“The team at Neolé are a pleasure to work with. They joined the YWCA Canada team for a series of sessions to help us develop a Team Charter and map out an OKR process. Each session was engaging, they introduced tools and discussion in a fluid way. I would say we were quite engaged. They modeled remote collaboration systems that we have already added to our toolbox.”

Raine Liliefeldt, Interim CEO, YWCA Canada

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get new resources, tips, and invitations to our free events focused on maximizing wellness, creativity and engagement in hybrid and remote workplaces.

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Strengthening Leaders and Energizing Teams

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