Why we exist: People today want to make good use of their time at meetings, trainings and events. They need to be engaged and not passive participants in a top-down seminar. People have diverse knowledge, information and fresh ideas. We make it possible for them to engage and contribute their best thinking.

What we do: We engage people in creative and critical thinking at virtual and in-person meetings, training and annual events with anywhere from 8 to 800 people. We give people the tools and skills to be creative thinkers, problem solvers, and innovative team players so they can become fully engaged in reaching success.

How we do it: By combining creative thinking techniques and processes with innovative technology.

Our Values

We are a mission- and values-driven company.

Here’s what gets our team jumping out of bed each morning:

Being part of your journey to success: Knowing that we can help you achieve your goals makes us feel useful and proud of our work. We call this creative ambition.

Wanting to be challenged: Knowing that there will be barriers along the way and that we will need to work hard to help you sprint towards the finish line. We call this proactive determination.

Getting to engage with thoughtful people: Knowing that positive change is the result of collective effort. We are grateful to work with socially conscious organizations that value collaborative input. We call this purposeful collaboration.

The Meaning of "Neolé"

The word Neolé is a personal synonym of creative. Creative is often explained as something that is new or original, as well as meaningful or useful. ‘Neo’ stands for new/original and Olé is a Spanish expression that is yelled out every time that a performer does something that impresses or is meaningful to the crowds.

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Sol Santos-Pyne Chief Innovator and Prototype Evaluator. He is always ready to help design, paint, cut and install. Sol will show you what’s possible and will also try the impossible. He is the bravest monkey of all.

Ayla Larzabal Zavitz Artist-in-Residence and Director of the Safety Patrol. She makes sure that everyone is following the rules and having fun at the same time. She is the time-keeper and turn-taking monitor. She helps paint the wood for the monkey bars and will give you great advice on the best accessories.

Beto Santos-Pyne Video Producer and Editor as well as a Reliable Helper during heavy installations. When he is not building intricate systems in Minecraft he is the top ranking swinger on the monkey bars. 

Mateo Larzabal Zavitz is our Media Relations Expert and Installation Helper. Mateo knows what’s cool and what’s not cool. He helps us maintain a realistic outlook on the world and stay up to date on the latest movies and video games.

Matias Larzabal Designer and Lead Installer. Matias has more than 20 years of experience working in construction, 14 years of experience as a dad, 11 years of experience as an uncle, 10 years as a helpful Canadian neighbour and handy-man, and a lifetime of experience as a monkey. Matias is also an artist with a unique upbringing. You can learn more about him and his art on his gallery.

Ginny Santos Monkey Supervisor, Visionary and Managing Director. Ginny is a nutrition coach and entrepreneur who is always looking for ways of involving children in creative thinking and problem solving. You can learn more about Ginny’s other work on NeOle Coaching.