Neolé is the only training, facilitation and event production company committed to elevating the engagement, contribution and wellbeing of people in everyday work and life. We know that a happy, engaged and collaborative team is the secret to high performance in the remote and hybrid workplace.

Our mission-driven team is proud to work internationally with a diverse range of clients. We are committed to creative problem solving, evidence-based methodologies and using human-centered technology to drive real engagement and transformation. The result is an unforgettable, productive and action-oriented experience that creates lasting change for our clients and their teams.

Our services include:

Our research-based, results-oriented training and coaching programs for leaders and teams are the best path to creating a high-performing wellness culture inside your organization.

Neolé is proud to be a certified Women Business Enterprise.

Our Values


We all have the ability and responsibility to make a positive difference in the world. With a relentless belief in human potential, we strive to improve the wellbeing of people on every team so that they can contribute their best selves at work, at home, and in their communities.


We know that breakthrough results are possible when we are courageous, have a growth mindset, explore new ideas, and strive for continuous improvement. We specialize in creative thinking techniques that enable us to see every challenge as an opportunity and to bring out the creative thinking superpowers inherent in every team.

We practice RADICAL LOVE

We believe that health and wellness have a direct impact on a person’s (and team’s!) productivity, happiness and performance. We believe we all have a responsibility to create and sustain healthy workplaces and communities, and that doing so is an act of love. We practice gratitude daily, and believe in letting the people in our lives know they are appreciated. Our partners, clients and team members are all valued members of our community.


We believe strongly in collective potential; whether collaborating remotely or in person, we are bigger than the sum of our parts. That’s why we see our clients as partners, who we engage and include in everything we do, knowing that everyone benefits from collaboration, open communication, and the skills and experience of our whole team.


We know that we have some big, audacious goals, and we refuse to let fear of risk and the unknown get in our way. We believe in challenging the status quo with creativity and visionary thinking, and we applaud and support our partners and team members as they work towards their own ambitious dreams.

The Meaning of "Neolé"

The word Neolé is a combination of Neo + Olé. ‘Neo’ stands for new/original and Olé is a Spanish expression that is shouted out loud when something or someone makes a strong impression or makes a positive impact on the audience.

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Elevating Team Performance in the Hybrid Workplace

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get new resources, tips, and invitations to our free events focused on maximizing wellness, creativity and engagement in hybrid and remote workplaces.

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Elevating Team Performance in the Hybrid Workplace

© Neolé 2024