Leadership Development Training

All leadership development training courses are offered in a half-day or full-day in-person or online training format, or as a blended learning (partly in-person and partly online).

why ice breakers are important

Design & Deliver Memorable Presentations

Whether you need to deliver an information session, a course, an opening keynote or a presentation on a dry topic, there’s a formula that will ensure you engage participants so that they listen, learn and contribute enthusiastically.


  • Apply a repeatable process to how you plan your presentations, speeches or workshops.
  • Become a confident presenter and workshop facilitator.
  • Engage your audience in real learning
  • Identify effective threshold concepts and learning objectives
  • Motivate your audience to change behaviour

Leading a Team Through Collaboration

Whether your team meets in-person or remotely via video conferencing, you will learn how to lead the team through the four stages of successful collaboration and set team members up for success.


  • Recognize the elements of successful collaboration and full engagement
  • Identify and communicate the value of collaboration and engagement
  • Create the opportunity and environment necessary for productive collaboration and engagement
  • Know who to engage in what stage and with what purpose
  • Communicate clear roles and set the team up for success.

Digital Facilitation of Meetings & Large Events

Learn to use Stormz technology to engage hundreds of people in collaborative thinking, strategic planning, design thinking, input processes, and more. This course is exactly what you need if you want to:

  • Instantly share ideas across the room, in a classroom or across the world
  • Facilitate decision-making in real time, with graphs and charts, with 6 to 600 participants in a single room—or across the Web
  • Grab online or smartphone visuals to showcase a prototype or expand ideas
  • Use a simple way to eliminate bias during evaluation
  • Plan faster and more flexibly using templates (your own or others)
  • Generate instant reports
  • Never again transcribe another sticky note or flip chart.


  • ​Be confident designing and facilitating small and large engagement sessions
  • Understand best practices for online synchronous and asynchronous facilitation
  • Be able to blend digital and non-digital facilitation tools
  • Be ready to complete your Stormz certification by putting the learning into practice on your own time.

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