300+ Person Internal Staff Conferences

Client Company and Main Contact:

Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation


When the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation first approached us, they were looking to set up a series of 2-3 hour internal staff conferences. With close to 300 employees from all over the USA (and most attending the conferences), it was quite an extensive event, including the organization of speakers and breakout sessions.

After the events, the feedback was that they hadn’t realized something virtual could be so fun, engaging and connective! We especially liked coming up with a fun playlist and theme to get participants excited (we went beach-themed… who doesn’t love the beach?)!


The biggest challenge with this project was not that the client had never hosted this event virtually before, but that we got the contract less than one week before the event. Having previously tried to organize it themselves, our client was stressed, panicked, and riddled with technical and facilitation issues.

There was also the challenge of somehow managing to connect almost 300 employees in productive, effective, human-resources focused meetings in a virtual environment. Keeping everyone engaged and connected was a huge consideration in our preparation of the event.


Our solution was to go all in and put in that elbow grease!

We offered services for every aspect of the event, and covered all their needs and beyond. Our team put in extra hours on the weekend to make sure everything was ready, and ensured that the only responsibility on the client was bringing the people who needed to be there!

We also organized approximately 30 breakout rooms for each break out session in order to keep the groups small and easy to connect with. This helped to keep members of the meetings involved in targeted moments on a small scale — instead of disengaging while being lectured at through a screen — resulting in connection and growth.


The members with whom we worked with from Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation were very happy that they did not need to cancel their event, and were so pleased with our work that they proceeded to book multiple other events with our services for the rest of the year!

We also got exceptional participant feedback on the virtual platform that they felt connected to each other and engaged with the content. They had not realized it was possible to have a virtual meeting in which they could interact with their colleagues in such an easy, fun, and meaningful way. Management also enjoyed the event, having had their eyes opened to the possibilities of virtual events in the future.


Around 30 breakout rooms.

Nice mix of keynote speakers and motivational presenters.

Around 300 staff expected for each meeting.

Sol Santos-Pyne Chief Innovator and Prototype Evaluator. He is always ready to help design, paint, cut and install. Sol will show you what’s possible and will also try the impossible. He is the bravest monkey of all.

Ayla Larzabal Zavitz Artist-in-Residence and Director of the Safety Patrol. She makes sure that everyone is following the rules and having fun at the same time. She is the time-keeper and turn-taking monitor. She helps paint the wood for the monkey bars and will give you great advice on the best accessories.

Beto Santos-Pyne Video Producer and Editor as well as a Reliable Helper during heavy installations. When he is not building intricate systems in Minecraft he is the top ranking swinger on the monkey bars. 

Mateo Larzabal Zavitz is our Media Relations Expert and Installation Helper. Mateo knows what’s cool and what’s not cool. He helps us maintain a realistic outlook on the world and stay up to date on the latest movies and video games.

Matias Larzabal Designer and Lead Installer. Matias has more than 20 years of experience working in construction, 14 years of experience as a dad, 11 years of experience as an uncle, 10 years as a helpful Canadian neighbour and handy-man, and a lifetime of experience as a monkey. Matias is also an artist with a unique upbringing. You can learn more about him and his art on his gallery.

Ginny Santos Monkey Supervisor, Visionary and Managing Director. Ginny is a nutrition coach and entrepreneur who is always looking for ways of involving children in creative thinking and problem solving. You can learn more about Ginny’s other work on NeOle Coaching.