Attracting Participants and Building Momentum for a High-Profile Virtual Event


 Registrants from almost 100 countries

 Over 800+ registrants 

 Over 350 attendees

 Simultaneous interpretation in 3 languages


The main objective of the event is to promote the client’s new initiative and make a solid business case to funders about their business model. The event brought together investors, multilateral donors, funders, foundations, civil society members, policy workers and entrepreneurs. During the event, matchmaking opportunities were highlighted by providing space for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and investors to present about their experience funding similar initiatives.  

The agenda included keynote speakers, panel discussions, and interactive activities. The event included French and Spanish interpretation and a video recording was produced of the event. 


The client’s main objective was to hold a preparation event in advance of a large UN Summit. However, the timelines were tight, and this resulted in challenges reaching the target audience for the event, in particular investors and those generating products. There was rich research that the client wanted to use to try to attract more participants and to build momentum for the UN Summit. In addition, the logistics for this large virtual event were complex and the client needed help with interpreters, website design, registration and all technical management.


We developed a beautiful and highly functional professional event website to attract participants. The client had projected 100 registrants, but ended up with over 800 registrants. Over 350 people joined after the website was launched. We used Padlet to facilitate interactive virtual elements to the program, including where people were joining from. We also jumped in to support the client with Spanish interpretation and translation of last-minute materials. 

Recorded event & edited video for sending to all registrants → bad captioning on a presenters ppt presentation, Bri saved the day by editing it out in the video.


The client was very impressed with our services and told us that we exceeded their expectations. Their CEO shared the following: 

“Congrats! What a rich, inspiring and useful event!!! Professionally organized, great speakers, well moderated, great audience… Thanks so much for taking the extra efforts to put all this together! Also to the entire team involved.”



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