Managing an Important (and Packed!) Virtual Agenda

November 2021


60 participants

7.5 hour virtual workshop

473 ideas generated


This one-day workshop brought together Indigenous governments, Industry, and Territorial and Provincial governments to gather, share and capture complex information that would inform an important strategic action plan. Ahead of the event, the client identified four themes that would be used to guide small group discussions and brainstorming.

  • Creating a virtual workshop with a packed agenda and scope, while allowing adequate downtime for participants
  • Engaging a diverse group of participants
  • Adequately capturing and coherently categorizing complex information from small group discussions in each of several breakout rooms.

Participants in the meeting used Zoom to connect virtually. Concurrent to meeting in Zoom, they engaged in brainstorming using the digital facilitation platform Stormz.

A Neolé facilitator guided a large group discussion about the first of four themes identified by the client, while the remaining three themes were addressed in small group discussions in Zoom breakout rooms. For all themes, participants added their responses to theme-based questions in Stormz. At the end of the workshop, we facilitated a large group discussion in the wrap-up session.

The Stormz brainstorming space was left open after the event so that attendees could add additional data if they chose to do so. The Stormz data was exported into a report and shared with the client.


This successful one-day event generated over 473 ideas from 60 diverse participants. Using Stormz proved to be greatly beneficial for this type of idea-generating / sharing workshop, as complex information was captured in each of the breakout sessions and organized for the client. Still, there was so much to cover and if we could do this event again, we would want to see it broken into two days, or the agenda and scope scaled back considerably to engage in deeper discussion.



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