Virtual Partnering Workshops


5 workshops

Approximately 20 participants per workshop


The “Partnering Workshops” involve stakeholders from large construction projects currently under development in one of the Canadian provinces. The client, who facilitates the workshops, puts together a workshop guide which is distributed ahead of the workshop in PDF format. The workshop guide forms the basis for discussions between the stakeholders around team building, trust building, guidelines for working together, along with accountability and expectations. These workshops encourage conversation and open communication between members of the different stakeholder teams.


The client had designed the workshops to take place in-person, and came to Neolé for assistance in changing the workshop’s in-person format to virtual. The client was very new to using Zoom and online platforms, so our team helped him to find his comfort zone and execute his workshops online.

One major challenge that our team runs into with these workshops is that many of the participants do not use Zoom during the course of their regular workday. Some call in from construction sites using their phones.


Our solution to the challenge of participants who were not tech-savvy or who called in was to send out Virtual Meeting Guides to them prior to the workshops. In addition, we held “drop-in hours” where participants could ask questions and get Zoom tips. In this way, we ensured that participants felt comfortable using the technology, and were ready to participate fully in the workshops. In particular, we focused on explaining how to use the “raise hand” and “chat” functions to keep the workshops engaging and interactive for participants. During the events, we provided technical support to make sure that everyone was able to connect and participate fully.

We also assisted the facilitator in advance of the workshop with email communications surrounding the technology being used, and answered any questions from participants who may not have been able to make the office hours due to conflicting schedules.

Finally, we also worked with the client to create contingency plans “in case of emergency” to ensure that, given any scenario of the technology backfiring, the workshop would be able to go on as planned.


As a result of our close work with the client, we have developed a trusting relationship that works well for both parties, and makes everyone involved feel relaxed and at ease with the process. We have helped the client to find a way that he feels good and comfortable with presenting his workshop in the online environment. In addition, we’re helping our client to continue his important work to ensure successful completion of construction projects around the province.



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