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NeOlé is the key local partner for Stormz in all of Canada.

With our Stormz expertise we are able to use the best digital technology to facilitate efficient collaborative workshops. Stormz maximizes the potential for engagement across regions and time zones as well as in live meetings with hundreds of participants. Participants can work on the same challenge in real time or over time, to contribute and capture their thinking.

Stormz operates on the cloud or on a local server (if security of data is a concern). With Stormz we are able to eliminate the need for Post-it Notes™ and flip chart paper. We facilitate collaboration, diverse input and decision making in real time and provide immediate reports at the press of a button.
Companies that use Stormz include BNP Paribas, Alcatel-Lucent, AF2R La Mondiale, College La Cite, and many more.


NeOlé’s team members are certified in FourSight so that we can provide you with a scientific assessment of your team’s thinking preferences.

Today, innovation is vital for every organization. Yet each of us approaches problem solving differently. Understanding your particular approach toward innovating can enable success in our ever-changing world. FourSight gives teams and organizations insight into each individual’s preferred way of clarifying, generating, developing and implementing ideas. How? By asking a series of simple questions. Each has been carefully developed and thoroughly researched to provide a clear perspective of how you can innovate with others most effectively.

Companies that use FourSight include: IBM, Disney, Google, Kraft, DuPont, HP, Coca-Cola, 3M, Intel, Nike, Mott’s, Kimberly-Clark, General Motors, Duncan Hines, Pfizer, Prudential, State Farm Insurance, CBC, BBC, Manulife Financial, Vodafone, Pfizer, the American Cancer Society, Fisher-Price, the Center for Creative Leadership, Royal Bank, Johnson & Johnson, USBank, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, United Way and the State University of New York.


NeOlé co-founded FliP University: Flipping online learning on its head with carefully curated online courses that are best taken with your team.

We’ve taken the best of what in-person workshops offer and put it online. FliP U content is thoroughly modern, pracademic (practical and grounded in academic research), sassy and transformative. We deliver life-changing courses, game-changing knowledge, and career-changing skills.


When we talk about role plays, we refer to tools that have been used in working environments for a long time. And also when using apparently children’s toys to achieve results in professional settints as well.

However, perhaps until now the new category that Pro.Play can bring has not been created, using children’s toys to perform role-playing games in 3rd person, living and exploring the interactions and changing the models in real time to learn and improve.

The Pro.Play® method created and designed by Juan Prego, allows modeling situations and going beyond stories to carry out interactive interventions. The official PLAYMOBIL pro Kit is accompanied by templates to apply the techniques and tools and extract the maximum value in each dynamic both individually and in small teams and entire organizations.


Robert Wakulat

Managing Director of Courage Co-Lab Inc. & Founding Law Partner at Wakulat Dhirani LLP

Robert is the Managing Director of Courage Co-Lab Inc., where he connects corporate partners to creative processes. He is a Founding Law Partner at Wakulat Dhirani LLP, a professional services firm embedded at the Centre for Social Innovation, where he focuses on supporting social entrepreneurs working to alleviate social or environmental challenges.

Robert is highly sought after to lead workshops on corporate law and enterprise structure across the GTA with community-based organizations, the Toronto Public Library and post-secondary institutions such as Ryerson University’s Social Innovation Zone. This includes recurring guest instructor roles with the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Toronto Artscape’s Launchpad program for creative entrepreneurs.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get new resources, tips, and invitations to our free events focused on maximizing wellness, creativity and engagement in hybrid and remote workplaces.

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Strengthening Leaders and Energizing Teams

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