Olé Ideation Space: Virtual
Brainstorming Done Better

When we switched to remote brainstorming, did all the good ideas just… die?

Olé Ideation Space is a tool that helps you engage your remote group, generate innovative and effective ideas, and capture and organize all the data gathered. You get the best out of the talent you’re leading, and everybody actually enjoys the process.

You’re a leader in charge of a remote team. Sometimes, this means bringing people together to brainstorm virtually – whether that’s trying to figure out the best sales approach, gathering ideas and buy-in from a group of stakeholders, or just coming up with new solutions.

You know you have brilliant people on your team. But when you run brainstorming sessions online, that brilliance isn’t showing up.

You’re sure your team has great ideas, you’re just not hearing enough of them. Partly, you know you’re only hearing from the extroverted few. But you also worry that even the sharers are keeping their most out-there ideas to themselves for fear of looking silly. Which is frustrating because you know that those ideas are actually the ones you need! Those are the ideas that drive innovation and business success.

Sometimes you might have a more productive virtual session. But it still feels like you’re only scratching the surface. People are throwing thoughts out popcorn-style; no one is really building on others’ ideas because there’s no process for this.

Capturing ideas means assigning a notetaker. That person isn’t able to participate fully themselves and, inevitably, is going to miss ideas as they write – they are only human!

Worst of all, you know that there are members of your team who roll their eyes at these meetings — “Yet another boring Zoom brainstorm!” You wish there was a way to make the meetings engaging AND productive. But what are you going to do? That’s just remote work…isn’t it?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. Imagine if, instead….

Right from the very beginning of your brainstorming meeting, everyone is completely engaged.

Every single person, from the most outgoing to the most timid, shares their best suggestions. And they get to do that anonymously – so that the truly out-there, innovative ideas still come through, and no one is embarrassed to say them!

You have a process where everyone can build off each other. People are sparking ideas and inspiring each other, and you’re asking the exact right questions to pull out those next-level, deep solutions.

You don’t need a notetaker and nothing gets missed. Every idea is captured and shared with you afterwards in a straightforward report that makes it easy for you to put those ideas into action.

At Neolé, we don’t believe that virtual has to mean second best.

For over a decade, we’ve been working with teams all over the world to come up with creative solutions that tap into the best ideas from every member of the team – so nothing gets left behind. We do it in a way that is fun and energizing for every participant.

We specialize in human connection and creative thinking, providing end-to-end virtual, hybrid and in-person meeting and event services. When observing brainstorming sessions for remote teams, we discovered that just getting people to share in the chat, out loud, or using the basic whiteboarding software available, was not cutting it.

So we created Olé Ideation Space, a creative brainstorming template that is customized to YOUR unique organization and context.

Olé Ideation Space

allows you to engage your remote team in a creative brainstorming process that draws out every member’s best ideas, leading to innovative and practical solutions that drive success.

Olé Ideation Space is like having easy to use flip charts and post-its for your online meetings. Unlike other brainstorming platforms, Olé Ideation Space will take your team through a proven creative brainstorming process and structure, one that maximizes participation from everyone, and helps you and your team to come up with new and innovative solutions. And best of all! It’s clean and super easy to use – no tech skills required.

After your meeting, Olé Ideation Space will deliver a report that organizes the solutions generated, allowing you to put them into action immediately.

Small Olé
Ideation Space

$ 499 USD Use for One Month
  • For up to 10 unique participants

Medium Olé
Ideation Space

$ 899 USD Use for One Month
  • For up to 50 unique participants

*These fees include the 1-hour design session, the customized design of your space, the final report, as well as software fees for the number of participants in your package. Neolé does not charge any premiums on the software licenses required for your ideation space. No downloads or special set-up necessary. Each unique participant will have email login access to the Ideation Space. Once your customized ideation space is ready, you and your meeting participants will be able to access it as often as you wish within the month of activation. If you want to invite extra participants, no problem! Just be aware that there will be an additional licensing fee of $10 USD per additional participant. Any additional fees will be charged directly to you. If you wish to access your customized Olé Ideation Space for longer than one month, we are happy to make that possible – additional fees would apply.

Not quite ready to choose a package? Have some ideas and need support?

What’s included:

How it works:

Online brainstorming sessions don’t have to feel like pulling teeth.

They could be the meeting that everybody looks forward to! Engaging your team and drawing out every bit of genius that you know your people are capable of, and finding solutions and ideas that put you so far ahead of the competition, it’s almost embarrassing.

Not quite ready to choose a package? Have some ideas and need support?

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get free resources, tips, and invitations to our events focused on maximizing wellness, creativity and engagement in hybrid and remote workplaces

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