Strategic Planning: An Efficient and Engaging Approach


Do you need to engage your multi-generational teams in strategic planning?

Do scheduling conflicts and remote teams make it challenging for you to get everyone at the table?

And when meeting participants are finally gathered, does your meeting stay on track and on time, with everyone contributing equally to the outcomes?

We have a solution, one that harnesses the strengths of everyone involved, keeps people engaged and focused, and builds ownership and commitment to your strategic plan. This solution also makes it possible for your people to join your strategic planning meetings from any location.

The solution is to hire a Digital Facilitator.

A Digital Facilitator is a person who combines collaboration technology and expertise in meeting design and facilitation. The digital facilitator meets people wherever they are, whether physically present in the conference room or attending virtually from another location. Digital facilitation takes connection, cooperation and collaboration to a completely new level, while enabling a laser focus on meeting goals and objectives.

NeOlé Consulting is your Digital Facilitation Professional.

We use collaboration technology to create engaging, productive and efficient strategic planning meetings involving in-person and/or remote participants. Whether your strategic planning process involves eight or eighty people, we harness your participants’ creativity, capitalize on their strengths and engage their minds while driving the results you need.
With a Digital Facilitator, you can expect:

  • Improved productivity. You will gain ideas, insights and inspiration through our use of creativity, a structured facilitation process and user-friendly technology.
  • Heightened engagement. We combine collaboration technology with inclusive facilitation techniques to gather valuable input from your group and harness creative potential. You will get traction and drive progress faster.
  • Faster results. You will be able to report back to participants quickly. Participants will see their ideas mirrored in our summary report, building ownership and excitement, and sustaining the momentum after your strategic planning event.

We invite you to schedule a 30-minute private demo now to learn more about how our digital facilitation services could support your strategic planning this fall:

  • See how a Digital Facilitator enables more active participation in the strategic planning process, regardless of people’s locations.
  • Experience firsthand how expert meeting design, collaborative decision-making techniques, expert facilitation and collaboration technology inspire greater motivation and cooperation.
  • Decide for yourself whether hiring a professional Digital Facilitator will increase productivity, engagement and efficiency at your next round of strategic planning.
We look forward to hearing from you.
P.S., Our Fall calendar is filling up fast! Book your demo now.
Click here to schedule a private demo with Ginny Santos, Certified Stormz Facilitator.

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"NeOle's virtual facilitation services were an eye-opening experience for our globally-dispersed organization. The level of engagement and productive work that we accomplished rapidly turned skeptics into rabid fans, which is why we continue to hire Neolé." - J.Vehar, VP Products, Dale Carnegie & Associates
"I have had the pleasure of working with NeOlé in a number of settings over the past de​cade. Their creative and collaborative approach to training, group facilitation and problem solving greatly influenced the work we did with frontline workers across Ontario. I have adopted a number of their strategies into my own work, and never hesitate to call on NeOle to lead a session at our annual event." - P.Cross, Legal Director, Luke's Place
“I loved the use of the interactive technology for real-time engagement. And the facilitators were wonderful, intuitive, intelligent, able to manage group ebs/flows and adjust accordingly.” - Participant in a 3-day training on Leading Innovation

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