Stuff Your Stocking – Twelve Tools for Remote Team Excellence!

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Your remote team is made up of incredible people… but it’s been a hard year. They’re perilously close to burnout and you’re not sure how to keep everyone motivated and focused. The isolating nature of remote and hybrid work is preventing meaningful connection between your team members, and  as a result collaborative projects are suffering. 

With the new year around the corner, you’re excited to try new things to develop and support them…but the urgency of your to-do list is getting in the way.  

While Santa’s Holiday Magic can’t manifest spare time, create genuine connection, or prevent team burnout (that’s just not his area of expertise!), there is another solution: it’s time to embrace Neolé’s magic tools, specially curated for leaders of remote and hybrid teams. Turn your disconnected remote team into a happy, healthy high performing team!

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Do you want this level of excitement for your remote team? We highly suggest it!

The 2023 Remote Team Excellence Toolkit

Introducing Neolé’s 2023 Remote Team Excellence Toolkit! These tools will show the people on your remote team how to take small actions, which save time and create mental space for creative problem solving. 

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Caveats: What this Toolkit Won’t Do

  • Make your to-do list disappear
  • Rejuvenate and enhance team wellbeing
  • Build meaningful team connections
  • Develop your team’s creative problem solving skills
  • Identify team values and strategic direction

(Don’t worry…we can still help with these! Meaningful change requires more human intervention and time than a social media post can accommodate. Contact us to learn more about our remote and hybrid team development solutions.)

What this Toolkit Will Do

  • Generate more time
  • Energize your team
  • Reduce mental effort
  • Make space for deeper efforts and long-term change

Just like team building activities, the tools we are going to share with you each have a vital function – but they are not a comprehensive solution. We want to help you create space for the real work, which requires total team commitment. Through December we will share twelve terrific tools designed to reduce mental effort, explore team connection, encourage play, and stimulate creativity on your remote team.

Day one is a tasty treat – an ebook that you can really sink your teeth into! In this new ebook – The Antidote to Quiet Quitting – our CEO Ginny Santos examines the impact of wellness on hybrid work performance, and the initiatives that can elevate teams from the bottom-up!

Leaders who read The Antidote to Quiet Quitting will:

  • learn how they can make work/life balance a reality while elevating remote team performance
  • bring connection and engagement to their hybrid teams while maintaining healthy boundaries
  • and help their global, distributed, and otherwise spread-out teams to support their wellbeing in favour of business success!

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By  Crystal Morris, Digital Marketing & Virtual Office Coordinator, Neolé Inc.

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