Leading for Collaboration

“If you want to go fast, go alone; If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb.

This full-day workshop is for managers and leaders who need smart, diverse people to collaborate within or across teams but find it difficult and painfully time-consuming to get everyone on the same page, working effectively towards a common goal.

Is any of the following true at your organization?

People work in silos, when they come together it’s messy, there’s conflicts, they are inefficient and often get stuck.

There are a few people whose opinions dominate and many others who never quite contribute as much as they could.

Different departments have different ways of working, when they need to collaborate, it’s slow and frustrating for everyone involved.

The goodwill and intention to work collaboratively is there, but since there’s no good process or structure for collaboration, it’s easiest to revert back to working as you always have.

The problem is that:

A: You know you have hired fantastic people – when they work individually or within their own teams they are incredible, but when you ask them to collaborate on a larger initiative it’s time-consuming and the end result is less good than the sum of its parts.

B: When collaboration does not go smoothly, you miss out on the ability to tap into diverse knowledge, ideas and expertise, you miss out on spreading out the work and sharing accountability for success, you miss out on having engaged employees.


This training will give participants the awareness, process and tools they need to lead collaborations that are effective so that they can engage the right people at the right time, move everyone along at an equal pace and reach the finish line as a whole and better team.

In this full-day workshop:

Participants become aware of what makes for a successful team collaboration and what each individual can do to better contribute to the team’s efforts.

Participants will develop self-awareness of their own thinking style while uncovering their team’s strengths and blind spots.

Whether you are a team leader or a member of a loose collaboration, you will leave this training with a deep understanding of what’s required for successful collaboration to take place.

We will explore how to lead effective collaboration and how to be an outstanding contributor to collaborative initiatives/projects.

This training includes the FourSight self-assessment and Team Report.*

*FourSight is a validated, research-based assessment tool developed over the last 20 years and based on scientific research into people’s different thinking styles and approaches to problem solving. When people develop awareness of their thinking and problem-solving style they become better able to collaborate, to value different styles and to compensate for their blind spots and tap into their team’s strengths.


  • Gain self-awareness into how each team member approaches challenges and opportunities
  • Step up your ability to collaborate towards innovative outcomes
  • Improve team dynamics when working under stress and prevent conflict
  • Integrate a repeatable process for every project that requires collaboration
  • Deliberately enhance individual and collective creativity
  • Leverage the team’s psychological differences in the approach to problem solving
  • Develop a common language that supports your team’s collaboration efforts
  • Develop trust and respect on teams

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What to expect once you reach out to us

Within 24hr of hearing from you, we will follow up by phone or email to schedule a call with you. We like to understand our client’s unique situations and needs.

Once a date has been set for the training, we will ask you to share a specially-crafted message with participants. We like to get participants eager to learn and grow before they even arrive at the training.

Near the end of the training day we will engage the participants in a collaborative exercise designed to establish accountability after the training.

Ready to enhance team collaboration?

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Individual FourSight profiles (electronic and hardcopies) so that participants can be reminded of their unique contributions to the collaboration process.

A collaboration booklet and job aid (hard copies as well as PDFs) so that they can refer back to the process and tools as often as needed.

The FourSignt Team Report (electronic and hardcopy) so that participants can be deliberate about leveraging the team’s strengths and overcoming the team’s blind spots.

Ready to lead effective collaborations? 

Expected investment: Depending on the number of participants, the all-inclusive fee for this workshop ranges between $4900 and $8900.

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