When it Comes to Wellbeing for Remote Teams – Don’t Rely on ChatGPT

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When we asked ChatGPT to help us out with some wellbeing tips for leaders, we were truly impressed with the answers.

But – there was something missing.

What ChatGPT Had to Say About Remote Team Wellbeing

If you haven’t heard of ChatGPT, it’s a new revolutionary artificial intelligence software that is taking the world by storm. This chatbot has some pretty complex answers to tough questions – so we thought we’d test it out at Neolé on our favourite topic – team wellbeing!
We asked ChatGPT “How do I improve the wellbeing of my remote team?”
Here’s what it said:

  1. Encourage regular check-ins: Have regular check-ins with each team member to ensure they are well and connected.
  2. Promote collaboration: Create collaborative projects that allow team members to work together and feel connected.
  3. Offer flexibility: Allow team members to have flexible working hours, enabling them to work at times that are most conducive to their productivity.
  4. Make sure everyone is heard: Make sure everyone’s voice is heard in virtual meetings, and give team members the opportunity to share their ideas and suggestions.
  5. Host virtual social events: Organize virtual social events, such as happy hours, video game tournaments, or movie nights, to help team members socialize and foster relationships.
  6. Encourage physical activity: Encourage team members to stay active with at-home workouts, virtual yoga classes, or other physical activities.
  7. Promote mental health: Provide resources and regular check-ins to ensure team members are taking care of their mental health.
  8. Prioritize self-care: Offer team members time off to take care of themselves and recharge.
    We couldn’t agree more with these answers! Collaboration, communication, and transparency are absolutely essential for team wellbeing. But what’s missing–and the key to success that we have found at Neolé–is engaging the whole team in these conversations, and reaching agreements that can be documented in a Living Team Charter.

What’s a Living Team Charter and how will it support my team’s wellbeing?

A Living Team Charter serves as the foundation for strengthening your organizational culture.

A Team Charter is a living document that is co-created and owned by the team. It gets all team members on the same page by promoting a shared understanding of the type of workplace culture the team desires and guiding the team in how to enhance wellbeing, engagement and collaboration while working remotely.

Drafting the Team Charter in the context of a team retreat works really well as the team has time to focus, have conversations and be creative, coupled with activities that do the vital work of building relationships and trust. The Team Charter doesn’t end with the retreat though; it gets revised collaboratively throughout the year.

This document also serves as an effective way of onboarding new team members into the organization so that they can immediately understand and contribute to enhancing the organizational culture.

A Living Team Charter serves as a way to ground your team and get the whole team behind similar goals. ChatGTP’s suggestion for flexibility, self-care and collaboration are great examples of shared goals, but each of those might look quite different for every unique team.

Engaging the whole team in brainstorming and collaborative decision making is the best way to bring these goals to life in your context so that the impact on team wellbeing is truly positive and sustainable.

AI is a valuable tool for everyone and ChatGPT provided us with some important insight on our question. But wellbeing and leadership require a human touch to lead to real progress in your team’s development. Want to learn more about team wellbeing? Download our ebook (100% written by humans!) to learn more.

By Teresa Gerner, Project Manager and Event Producer, Neolé Inc.

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